Time To VLT Is The Most Refreshing Short Animation Series You Will See This Summer

It’s finally here. We’ve made an animation series featuring everybody’s favorite lemon tea! Kick-start this summer with Time To VLT. New episode every other Thursday starting May 30th. Six episodes you can enjoy with a bottle of ice-cold VLT.

International student Vinson might look like just another college kid, but he has a secret ‘superpower’ that few know of—no matter what frustrating situations he’s faced with, a sip of VLT can always set him back to full strength…



International student from Hong Kong. Loves VLT not only for the taste, but also because the drink works like magic on him for restoring his energy every time he’s feeling down. (Not so) Secretly has a crush on Lexi.


Bonded with Vinson after drinking VLT together. A model student who always gets good grades. Not very good at keeping her room clean and tidy.


Vinson’s best friend and gaming buddy. Loves singing and often dominates the mic at the karaoke. VLT seems to have a boosting effect on his vocal ability.

Watch full episodes HERE!