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Time To VLT – EP6: The Need for Speed

Nothing sparks more joy than a pair of helping hands when you desperately need to speed clean your home. Vinson’s finally got a chance to return the favor to Lexi!

Time To VLT - EP5: Karaoke King

There are people who can sing, and then there are people who think they can sing. Tedd has always been the second type, but that night, everything changed when he picked up that bottle…

Time To VLT – EP4: It’s Slurptastic

Everyone has a favorite comfort food they eat to make crunch time a bit less insufferable. For Tedd, it’s noodles…with a twist!

Time To VLT – EP3: Level Up!

Battle Item: VLT
Uses: Fully restores HP, multiplies EXP, drastically raises defence and accuracy, boosts mood and activates your special abilities instantly.


Time To VLT – EP2: Lemon Sensation

You’ve come to the library to study but you just can’t stop peeking at your crush. How do you get them to notice you?


Time To VLT – EP1: A Taste of Home

Leaving home is never easy, but won’t it help a little if you can get a taste of home in a sip? Lexi saved Vinson from a really bad day, and this was how their friendship began…