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Time To VLT – EP4: It’s Slurptastic

Everyone has a favorite comfort food they eat to make crunch time a bit less insufferable. For Tedd, it’s noodles…with a twist!

Time To VLT – EP3: Level Up!

Battle Item: VLT
Uses: Fully restores HP, multiplies EXP, drastically raises defence and accuracy, boosts mood and activates your special abilities instantly.


Time To VLT – EP2: Lemon Sensation

You’ve come to the library to study but you just can’t stop peeking at your crush. How do you get them to notice you?


Time To VLT – EP1: A Taste of Home

Leaving home is never easy, but won’t it help a little if you can get a taste of home in a sip? Lexi saved Vinson from a really bad day, and this was how their friendship began…